We believe that every restaurant / business kitchen space is the heart of an Fnb bussiness, having a restaurant kitchen / kitchen equipment that fits you perfectly is crucial for the longevity of your business.

We have made it our lifes goal to give the upmost best service in creating our costumers the highest quality custom restaurant kitchen equipment that is unique and functional for their Fnb bussiness, we have created custom kitchens for different types of fnb stores such as restaurants, cafes, hotel kitchen, cold storage system, and even food trucks, we also do personal home kitchen for houses and apartments.

Coffee Machine

PT. Budi Darmawan Indonesia provides the complete list for coffee machines as well as the different accessories. The full list of our product catalog can be download below.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

PT. Budi Darmawan Indonesia’s catalog for industrial kitchen equipment is by far the most complete yet we provide gas stove burner, gas salamander, vacuum machine, meat cutter etc. the complete catalog is available for download.

Bakery and Confectionery Equipment

We offer a variety of confectionary baking equipment such as different types of ovens, dough divider, bread cutter even fermentation room. The complete list of products can be viewed in our catalog.

Custom Stainless Steel

We provide custom stainless steel equipment for industrial kitchen that includes stainless sinks, trolleys, cocktail station and many more. The full list of products can be viewed in our catalog.


We provide all kinds of refrigeration, starting from freezers, chillers, showcases, cold room dan other accessories such as ice cube machine and juice dispenser. For the complete products please check our catalog.

Mobile Cold Storage

Mierlinecool MBCS-4200 Mobile Cold Store is an excellent solution for those looking for short-term frozen storage rental, event cold storage or alternatively have limited on-site space for storage. The smaller unit provides a fantastic cold storage environment for a range of products, while offer fantastic access despite its smaller stature. detail and specification of products can be viewed in our catalog.