We are

PT.BUDI DARMAWAN INDONESIA is a supplier for a variety of kitchen and bar equipment for restaurants, cafes, hotels and other culinary business such as food trucks and food stalls. our service covers the whole of Indonesia. We specialise in building custom kitchen and bar. Every aspect of the design can be customised as a whole, from custom storage such as cold storage to burners, because we understand that every type of F&B business has their own different needs thats why we always adjust to our clients needs with providing customisable kitchen and bar equipment.

We have a team of professional stainless steel craftsman that can make your dream kitchen come to life, supported by modern machines that makes all of this possible.

Our motto is to always provide the highest quality of work, finishing the job on time, and most importanly giving you the best service and price.

We also provide F&B consultancy service that covers :

Human resource development.

Business development

Product development

System management inventory

financial Planning

Sales Accountant Management

Kitchen / bar management


Pre-opening Planning